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5 Incredible GoPro Scuba Diving Videos



Scuba diving takes a fortitude and courage beyond anything you’d normally do on land. When you go scuba diving, you’re basically entering another world for an extended period of time. The void of Earthly noise is intoxicating and the depths and discoveries limitless. We’ve shown you our scuba diving starter guide, now let’s take a look at some mesmerizing diving footage captured on camera.

Here are 5 incredible GoPro scuba diving videos.

One of the toughest things about scuba diving is knowing exactly where you are, something that might not seem readily apparent to us. When you’re underwater, it’s much, much easier to get turned around and lose your perspective on which way is up to the ocean’s surface. These scuba diving videos provide perspective on exactly what its like at these depths. Here, you can see the divers trailing parallel to the ocean’s floor at first, surveying the beautiful carpet of sea creatures and plant life down there. Eventually, they reach parts of the ocean where the floor is sloped, throwing off their orientation and making their diving technique much more difficult.

As you can see in this uncut, first-person scuba diving video, one of the most beautiful things about being underwater while scuba diving is the way that the light twinkles along the ocean floor. That’s because it’s being refracted by the water, and it gives the sensation of a giant disco ball hovering over the entire ocean. The coral and other types of ocean life that lives at the ocean bottom poses a unique sight but dangerous threat for scuba divers. The coral hosts little nooks and crannies with an abundance of lush ocean wildlife, but divers be warned, this coral can be poisonous. A simple cut on the leg can have very real consequences.

There are a lot of reasons to go scuba diving – the challenge, the different sensations of being underwater, the scenery – but obviously, one of the biggest ones is all of the fish. In this scuba diving video, you get a great sense of what a dive that’s completely filled with ocean life looks like. The divers alternatively run into a diversity of large schools of fish, some great in size, some smaller, some swimming in frenetic packs, and others sort idling by. In addition to fish, they also come across a huge eel and a very large ray that sticks close to the bottom of the ocean.

Our scuba divers here enter the water in beautiful blue waters, surrounded by large, green-covered hills. These divers in particular aren’t just exploring a random swath of ocean; they’re plying a 100-foot deep hole. As they go further in, you can see the heart-shaped opening of the hole getting farther and farther away, and with it, the ocean, oxygen, sunlight and all of the other things that most humans associate with being alive. Fortunately, for their trouble, they also find a lovely separate world.

This scuba diving video makes us want to DO:MORE. The colors in this video are outstanding, including the fish and turtles and all kinds of other spectacular creatures, and it shows the incredible variety you can run into while diving, particularly depending on where you dive and how deep you go. Toward the end of the video, as they go deeper into the water with more elaborate equipment, the animal life becomes more and more exotic and strange: enormous eels, large sharks, and jellyfish rocketing around. Just goes to show that if you learn to scuba dive – not easy, of course – you’re basically doubling your ability to experience planet Earth.

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