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Acrobatic Wingsuit Stunts With The Bad Boys Team



Spanish wingsuiters, Paula Silva, Miki Perez and Daniel Hernan-Perez, are known as “The Bad Boys,” and for good reason. Recently, this team shot to the forefront of the competitive team wingsuit scene, displaying paired wingsuit stunts and aerials that few in the game are willing to pull off.

EpicTV says it is their unique suits, the Phoenix Fly Shadow 2, which allows Paula & Miki to quickly swivel mid-drop, from belly flop to back dive, and quickly spin back without tumbling out of control. Watch the ridiculous video here for an intro to their mid-air bag of tricks, from the “roll over” to the “fruity loop,” that sets new levels for wingsuit stunts.

In the video above, they take it a step further, grabbing hands in the air and plummeting in tandem. It is not a stunt that you see skydivers pull off very often, much less proximity flyers.

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