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Adam Ondra conquers Terranova and Gioia bouldering problems



Adam Ondra is a 20-year-old climbing champion, but his conquests aren’t of the towering peak variety – Ondra is a boulderer.

Ondra contorts himself for a living, wrenching his weight over the hardest rock lines on Earth. At first glance, Ondra’s rocks don’t always appear difficult. They aren’t the legendary peaks at the top of the world that we’re used to hearing about, but that doesn’t make them any less epic.

This October, Ondra took on a pair of deceptive European climbs, including Terranova, a V16 / 8C+ just outside his hometown of Brno, Czech Republic, and Gioia, near Varazze, Italy. These boulders pose routes, referred to as “problems” in bouldering lingo, and are rarely solved – Gioia was only once before climbed in 2008 by Christian Core. These climbs are just brief demonstrations of Ondra’s tenacity and skill.

For more of Ondra’s exploits, watch him climb La Dura Dura in Spain and Change in Norway. The latter was the first ever 9B+ climb, and maybe the toughest boulder problem ever conquered.

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