The Adrenalist

Diet Resolutions Solved With Roadkill



For the adventurer, sustenance is of constant concern: “Will my rations last me long enough and, if they don’t, how will I find more to eat?” If you’re an excursioning adrenalist and dishes like owl curry and rat stir-fry don’t turn your stomach, you might be wise to take a page out of John McGowan’s proverbial book. This UK native, naturalist, and taxidermist has been living off what he finds on the side of the road for over 30 years.

While careful to inspect animals for signs of disease before plating them, McGowan contends that most farm-raised stock are at higher risk for disease than wildlife one might find laid out by a speeding F150. His dietary choices are dictated by his abhorrence for waste and the reality that, as a taxidermist, there’s a high probability he’ll be able to stuff and sell what he finds.

While the hungry adventurer’s course of travel and motivations may be different than McGowan’s, it’s good to know that, when it comes to a wilderness meal, dead animals are usually fair game (pun intended).

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