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The World Loses Another Snowmaster, Jamie Pierre



Somehow, in 2006, Jamie Pierre skied away from a shocking 255-foot cliff jump in the backcountry of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons (shown above). Unfortunately, he did not make it out of an avalanche at Snowbird, Utah on Sunday, November 13. Pierre, 38, was reportedly snowboarding the South Chute, a steep and craggy ungroomed run in Snowbird’s Gad Valley when he triggered the avalanche that swept him more than 500 feet down the chute. When backcountry rescue arrived, Pierre was already dead.

“Jamie pushed himself and his skiing beyond what any mortal would consider safe,” Josh Berman of Level 1 tells ESPN. “And he always walked away unscathed.”

 Every rider gets off the mountain safe until one day they don’t. Pierre knew this. It’s the reason the father of two refused to go massive in recent years.

Pierre told the Denver Post of his 2006 world record jump, “I would be a liar if I said I was not very, very, very lucky I didn’t get hurt. There was very little leeway. I was going to live or die.” This time he wasn’t so lucky.

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