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Alexey Molchanov’s World Record Dive



Deep water diving goes against all of the natural inclinations of human beings. People are not comfortable in the pitch dark, underwater or in danger of suffocating. And those are exactly the three states a free diver like Russian Alexey Molchanov must face.

In the video above, Molchanov achieves a new free dive world record in the International Association for Development of Apnea (AIDA) discipline of constant weight with fin. This discipline involves diving following a guide line but holding it only to stop the descent and start the ascent, as well as refraining from dropping any diving weights during the descent. Molchanov reaches a depth of 126 meters in a time of 3:46, beating his last record by one meter. According to the AIDA, although the visibility wasn’t great, Molchanov “did the dive with ease and his surface protocol was strong.”

As an extreme sport, deep water diving has few parallels. BASE jumping and slacklining may be equivalents on the risk scale, but even in those cases you don’t have 100 meters of water (and the inability to breath for that distance) between you and safety.

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