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Around the World In 10 Days



Self-taught YouTube documentarian Casey Neistat showed us just how easy it is to steal a bike on the streets of New York City.

Now he’s teaching us what it takes to circumnavigate the globe in ten awe-inspiring days: a pile of cash from Nike and a trick up his sleeve.

Neistat says Nike paid him to make a film about its FuelBand, a hyped piece of lifetracking hardware that sold out in the United States earlier this year. Instead, the young filmmaker took the cash, poured it into plane tickets and trotted around the globe.

At least that’s the story. Who knows if Nike was there holding his hand all along.

And who cares.

The video above documents the hustled trip of a lifetime, with stops in Paris, Rome, Egypt, Kenya, Qatar, Thailand, and perhaps most remarkably, Isola del Giglio, Italy, where the massive cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground in January (check out 3:10).

So, how much did the trip cost? We may never know. But whatever it cost, it looks like it may have been worth it.

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