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Best Extreme Vacations



For most people, a vacation is a time to relax. It’s a time to kick up your feet, grab a mimosa and take it easy for a few days. For an Adrenalist, however, a vacation is a time to make some extreme memories. It’s a time to map out the impossible and then conquer it. Adrenalists aren’t truly at peace unless they’re chasing tornadoes, swimming near volcanoes or playing astronaut. If you’re an Adrenalist, you’ll be wanting to strap on some snow boots, swap that mimosa out for an adrenaline cocktail and plan your next extreme vacation right now. Check out our suggestions below and get ready to make some memories.

Dogsledding - Best Extreme Vacations

Dogsled in Sweden

Bummed because you’re not a skier and there’s no winter sport that’s up your alley? Do you love Alaskan huskies, sleds and extreme cold? Well then, you might want to spend some time researching The Silent Way dogsledding tours. Based in Lapland, Sweden, a secluded village with only 40 inhabitants, The Silent Way was founded in 1995 by husband and wife team Kenneth and Catrine, and has won a number of awards including 2005′s Grand Travel Awards Ectotourism honor. Adventurers looking to man a pup-driven sled can choose from numerous vacation packages, lasting anywhere from 6-12 days and spanning various routes, several of which will have you treading around the Arctic Circle, all of which will include stops at cozy lodges along the way. Three square meals and alcohol add an element of leisure to this extreme trip. Come on, you need something to tell your Vail pals when they’re bragging about their apres-ski sauna parties.

Tornado - Best Extreme Vacations

Chase a Tornado in the Midwest

Alright. It’s getting a little more serious now. Dogsledding is fun and all, but this vacation certainly takes things up a notch. Whether your familiarity with tornadoes comes from watching Twister, The Wizard of Oz, or Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers, chances are you probably haven’t seen one up close (unless you live in Tornado alley, in which case this trip probably won’t appeal to you in the least). Now’s your chance. With over 100 years of combined experience chasing storms, the Storm Tours team will give daring vacationers a lesson in meteorology, storm structure and interception strategy before taking them out on a harrowing excursion around Oklahoma City, where the only thing comfortable will be the “high-back single reclining seat” from which you’ll watch the meteorological madness unfold. Also available are photo tours on which the Storm Tours team will instruct aspiring photographers on how to best capture the action they’re witnessing. Prices range from $2,500 to about $4,000. All participants must be over 18.

Fire Fighter - Best Extreme Vacations

Fight Fires in Florida

A hard day’s work should be just that: hard. You know that and so do a lot of others. Because work is hard, most of those others enjoy a break from the daily grind by taking a vacation, but not you. You don’t want a break. You want a job away from your job, something that leaves you stressed and drenched with perspiration born not from the hot beach sun, but the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll make it back to your hotel in one piece. Where will you go to get your fix? Central Florida Fire Academy may be a good place to start. Just a few minutes outside Disney World lies a place worlds away from the one your softer vacationing cohorts might experience. Those who dare to attend the Academy’s 8-hour intensive training course better be damn sure ready to do everything from learning how to drive a fire truck to crawling through rooms pitch black and thick with smoke to rappelling three stories down a building smoldering in flames. For your work, you’ll be rewarded with an authentic firehouse meal at day’s end. Hopefully, your lips won’t be burned off by that point and you’ll be able to tell us how it tasted.

Visit the Hydrolab in Russia

This next excursion requires some prerequisites, but don’t be discouraged just yet. Considering how achievable those are and how big the upside is if you put in a little effort on the front end, it may be worth your while to pony up and get your diving certification. Why, you ask? Ah yes, why, indeed. How about this for a reason: if you like the submarine life and you could get your head around donning an Orian spacesuit in an underwater hydrolab specially constructed for Russian space training, maybe you should grab your local yellow pages and start thumbing for a scuba school. Once you snag it and a plane ticket to Moscow, you’ll be eligible to do as the cosmonauts do and simulate weightlessness in a 12-meter deep neutral buoyancy tank. While you’re down there, you’ll complete a series of tasks all while the biometric sensors on your suit track your every vital sign. If you can avoid the bends, you’ll head back to your four-star Moscow hotel, included in the Incredible Adventures Hydrolab package, one step closer to being a pivotal player in the next space race.

Swim Inside a Volcano in Dominica

You’re a competent swimmer, right? So what’s the most nerve-racking thing about taking a dip? Jellyfish? Sharks, maybe? How about wading just 20-feet above a volcano floor that could erupt at any second? Maybe it’s just us, but that certainly seems like it would rival the anticipation of a jaws encounter. Have any interest in seeing for yourself? If yes, then you should make sure a trip to the Caribbean island of Dominica (about 500 miles from the Dominican Republic) is in your future. As the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, Dominica’s still being formed by geothermic-volcanic activity caused by shifts in tectonic plates and is, therefore, rife with volcanoes. Grab a guide and take your pick of “swimming pool.” Feel the bubbles hit the bottoms of your feet as you dive close to the Volcano floor and be sure to remind yourself that, at any moment, the 82-degree water you’re so enjoying could turn to red-hot magma. That doesn’t freak you out at all… right?

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