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Best Fire Stunts



Note to readers before we chronicle five flame-conquering Adrenalists: we’re not encouraging you to play with fire. These stunts are all performed by trained professionals. We don’t advocate recklessness – we admire daring. There’s not much that’s more daring than choosing to come in close contact with a raging blaze, and that’s exactly what these athletes did.

Please watch and enjoy, but do not try to imitate unless you’re a trained professional.

Here are five extreme fire tricks.

Back on Fire

We examined this stunt several times before deciding that the trick is, in fact, real. More spectacular is the fact that stunt riding pro, Patrick Stephens, apparently gets engulfed in flames on a regular basis while performing jaw-dropping motorcycle tricks – it’s part of a stunt show he conducts at exhibitions all over the country. For most mortals, pulling off the things seen in this video’s 0:20-0:30 time window would be beyond comprehension. For Stephens, it’s just a warm up, a lead-in to a scorching fire that will warm him up a whole lot more.

Wall Of Fire

This video is a diamond in the rough – one that, for whatever reason, didn’t pop up on the viral radar. A dirt biker jumping through a fire wall at an extreme stunt show, however, wasn’t going to pass us by. The whole spectacle is glamourless and gritty and that’s why we like it. The rider is also on fire for several seconds after completing the trick which, we’re assuming, you never really get used to no matter how many times you’ve jumped through a fire wall. Heads up: the prep is a little tedious so you’ll want to skip to the 0:30 mark if you’re hungry for a quick thrill.

Fiery Quad Jump

Ah yes, the quad jump. It’s not that the jump isn’t impressive, because it is. Our skepticism has more to do with the fact that the person fueling the fire seems to be no older than 12. Usually pro stunt coordinators are a little more seasoned. Just saying. This kid, however, gets major points for fearlessness. The only thing scarier than jumping over a fiery pit may be standing within spitting distance of its savage flames. The stunt goes off without a hitch, though. Now, this blazing jump is immortalized in our burning hearts forever.

Fire Tunnel Ride

On Mar. 13, 2011, Indian motorcylist Shabir Ahluwalia set the Guiness World Record for longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire when he traveled 224 feet, 8 inches. The previous record, set in the UK, was 200 feet. What we’re wondering is whether or not Shabir realized when he signed up for the challenge that fire would actually be shooting out at him from the tunnel walls. It’s one thing to bear the extreme heat of a tunnel smothered in flames. It’s quite another to endure mini-explosions as many times as Shabir did over the course of his brief passage. Look what’s happening inside this tunnel at 0:41 to see what we’re talking about.

Fire Eating

Are you hungry? How hungry? Hungry enough to extinguish 39 torches in 30 seconds using only your mouth? Unless you’re Guiness World Record setter Hubertus Wawra, aka “Master of Hellfire,” the answer is probably “no.” For Wawra, in Mumbai, India in March 2011, however, it was a resounding “yes.” The man’s mouth was literally on fire. His charred mouth makes that abundantly clear. Suddenly Patrick Stephens’ back-burning moto stunt seems a little more tolerable. At least he had a leather jacket barrier to keep the flames from blackening his insides.

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