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Best Desert Sports Videos



Deserts are known for their extreme heat and desolation, but that hasn’t stopped Adrenalists from taking to the sand for all kinds of sports.

Be it motorcycles, quads, trucks or boards, the sand adds a unique surface for you to get your ride on that can’t be found anywhere else.

Here are the 5 best desert sports videos.

Ronnie Renner at the Glamis Dunes

In this desert sports video, veteran motocross high-flyer Ronnie Renner takes his bike to the sand dunes outside Glamis, California with some of his like-minded friends. With a GoPro, Renner shows what it looks like to be in the driver’s seat during his daily routine. The sand is a perfect backdrop to the insane jumps Renner pulls off. The driver’s seat view is complimented by a GoPro on a stick below the action, capturing every angle of the extreme sand session.

Wagas Festival 2013

The Wagas Festival is a French contest that bills itself as the only international freestyle paragliding competition. There are four to five rounds of competition, weather permitting. These include a round dedicated to required tricks, a round focusing on freestyle (aptly named free session), a round of one-on-one competitions, a regatta (a race spanning over half a mile) and an optional round, depending on the weather. Check out the video to see how participants use the coastal winds of southern France to flip and twirl in aerial acrobatics so close to the ground that this is, indeed, a sand sport.

R.J. Anderson

This video is 10 minutes of the roar of the engine and the sound of the sand kicking up behind 20-year-old, off-road racing phenom, R.J. Anderson. Ripping around Eagle Mountain, an abandoned iron mine east of Palm Springs, California, Anderson uses the Polaris RZR XP1000 to dominate obstacles, clear gaps and own the desert dunes. Anderson hits each and every stunt without batting an eye, and the results are amazing.

Riding Gordons Well

Near Glamis, California, there lies Gordons Well. Gordons Well is another gateway to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in Southern California. For Adrenalists lucky enough to get their hands on a recreation permit, the ISDRA is made up of endless sand dunes that cater to all desert sport desires. Check out this amazing footage of bikes and quads spraying sand all across the scorched desert.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes is a recreation spot in western Michigan that attracts vehicles of all shapes, sizes and modifications. This video highlights what happens when a modified pickup truck heads nose-first into the sand after a jump. The exploits of modified vehicles doesn’t stop there, however, as countless other pickups trucks and motorcycles take to the sands for some serious desert action.

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