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Best Tough Mudder Videos



Tough Mudder is trumpeted as the toughest event on the planet, and these videos prove how the extreme obstacle course tests your strength, stamina, teamwork and all-around mental grit.

So far, worldwide over one million tough mudders have taken the challenge, and only more will follow.

Check out the best Tough Mudder videos.

Snow Valley

In Snow Valley, California, Tough Mudder competitors burrow through a waterlogged series of tunnels dubbed, the Boa Constrictor. The charge continues under barbed wire through a shallow, muddy pool, with the competitors wriggling on their bellies. Pushing further through the course, participants must tackle a monster log straddling a footpath and then some monkey bar work. After these various obstacles, things get claustrophobic again, as the competitors enter a dark muddy tunnel and break out only to be saddled with some serious log carrying. Finally, this Tough Mudder video features mudders traversing a stretch of water along a rope.

Squaw Valley

In Squaw Valley, California, Tough Mudders cover 11 miles in 90-degree weather up to the top of the Lake Tahoe Mountains. The event kicks off with a barrage of orange smoke and competitors crawling on their elbows through a muddy pool beneath barbed wire that threatens them from above. Proving that the teamwork part of the Tough Mudder ethos counts, participants give the other runners a hand during tough obstacles, like the rope net, a hole-filled net bridge, or Twinkle Toes, a skinny bridge strung across a stretch of water. Some competitors desperately inch across supporting their bodies on their hands.

Georgia Mud

In this Tough Mudder video at the Georgia event, the proceedings open with arm pumping and chanting. Mudders must get their spirits up if they are to have any chance of finishing the course. Participants start with a dirty pool crawl beneath barbed wire, leading up to the thermal shock supplied by an ice bath. Next comes some serious immersion in Tough Mudder’s main attraction: mud. Camaraderie kicks in at the sheer wooden wall before the monkey bars challenge participants. After the hanging workout is the log run – the logs look reasonably light, but they feel like lead after numerous other obstacles. The rough bark isn’t kind to the shoulders, and upper body needs to stay in good condition is would-be mudders plan on besting the gymnastics-style dangling hoops.

World’s Toughest Mudder Teaser

Tough Mudder is not just about strength or speed, it is a question of how much you can endure. Mudders must delve deep into their motivations to get ready for a run. Success does not hinge on your gear, but on whether you can stay mentally focused on the course. Tough Mudders events are all about sharing the misery with your friends. The secret is to zone in – be in the race, be in the mud. Some entrants meditate to get in the mood and keep going lap after lap.

Tampa From Start to Finish

The central ingredients of Tough Mudder Tampa are the usual mental grit and mud. In a special guest appearance, snow materializes, proving that Tough Mudder is an all-weather race. You are pitting yourself against the elements as well as muscle-melting, mind-bending obstacles designed to separate the moderately fit from the borderline superhuman. Despite the intense cold, some brave Adrenalists run bare-chested under the rainclouds. Mudders vault and jump into a spectacular vat of shocking pink ice – at Tough Mudder, you never know what you are up against.

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