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Best Waterfall Hucking Videos



When the thrill of Class V whitewater rapids isn’t enough, waterfall hucking ups a kayaker’s game.

Welcome to the extreme sport of waterfall hucking. Hucking, or the act of hurling down a waterfall, is all about finding the biggest, baddest drop and taking your kayak or raft down it. Adrenalists interested in the sport need only to ride down a waterfall to take part in the sport. Here are the waterfall hucking videos with the most extreme drops on the planet.

Tyler Bradt Sets Waterfall Hucking World Record

When it comes to extreme waterfall hucking drops, Tyler Bradt doesn’t mess around. The video shows one of the longest, sheerest drops ever attempted. Watch as Tyler Bradt kayaks over a waterfall that stretches a world-record 189 feet. In the process of making history and taking a massive hit, Bradt sustained minor injuries, including a sprained wrist. In the intro to his spectacular feat, Bradt calmly says, “it’s just a matter of bucking up and hucking at this point.” The drop took place in Palouse Falls, Washington, in a 105-acre camping park blessed with what Washington State Parks describes as “unique geology.” To echo Washington State Parks’ motto, “adventure awaits.”

Darin McQuoid Conquers Koosah Falls

To Darin McQuoid, hucking an 80-foot waterfall is completely natural. McQuoid shows us his bravery and kayak skills in one long, majestic drop. Taking place on the McKenzie River’s Koosah Falls, near Eugene, Oregon, the feel of the clip is sublime. McQuoid’s team scouted out the exhilarating extreme drop along the Oregon River and made it a mission to conquer it.

Cody Howard’s DEFCON HUCK

Here, Cody Howard tests what at first seems like standard whitewater waves. Soon, you realize he is actually kayaking down a snowy path, possibly creating a new kind of extreme sport. A charging waterfall finally makes an appearance and the Adrenalist jumps into action. Howard makes his way down an unannounced waterfall, around some rocks and then shoots straight down. The mayhem courtesy of Huckin Huge continues with another amazing hucking attempt marked by stunning, jarring jolts.

Oregon Rafting Team Highlight Reel

The athletes of the Oregon Rafting Team (ORT) take a series of spectacular, calculated risks in the highlight reel above. In multiple instances, the team gets stuck, but charges on. They face everything from monster 50-foot waterfalls to more tight and technical waves. The paddlers of the ORT are some of the best on the West Coast. They compete on a range of rivers in six-man paddle raft teams. Not only do they go head-to-head with other teams, but they also race against the clock through rapids ranging from Class III (mild) to Class V (extreme). The team’s motto is simple: “intensity, dedication, teamwork.”

No Guts, No Glory At Chinook Creed Falls

The stage in the video is a 25-foot drop at Chinook Creek Falls, near Pierce County, Washington. Carlisle Paddle Gear said of the footage, “rafting a waterfall takes some serious courage. I don’t know what these guys are thinking, but they definitely push themselves to the edge. Dan McCain, Jeffrey Compton and Jared Page prove no guts, no glory.” The water collides furiously at the point the waterfall meets the river. Even for the boldest action athlete, facing a drop like this is hard, but the Adrenalists in the video manage to pull it off perfectly.

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