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Bikepacking: Hit The Trails On Two Wheels



The hybrid sport of bikepacking has been likened to alpinism since an alpinist must heft all his gear over the obstacles on the road to the mountain summit. Both sports require Adrenalists to travel light and carry the tiniest pack possible. A bikepacker can cover hundreds of miles of grueling mountain trails if he has the essentials he needs to camp overnight, but those essentials must not weigh him down.

The minimalist off-road activity of bikepacking has been around for a while, but bikepacking is now said to be booming more than ever. That may be because of the rise of lightweight tools, such as the gear available from Bedrock Bags and Packs. Freed from the hassle of hefty gear, bikepackers can now bring everything they need for overnight trips without burdening their treks.

Tempted to hit the trails carrying a pack?

First, do a road-test. Take a spin around your neighborhood park before hitting the hills. Try various combos of weight and baggage and see how you feel when you execute a trial hairpin bend or head up a slope. Can you handle it? Make sure to watch out for equipment fixtures and straps that could get caught in your bike and result in a spill.

When you think you are ready, go on a 24-hour microadventure. Then make it a few days, then a week.

There will be no stopping you once you’ve mastered the art of packing light — and biking like a pro with what you’ve got.

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