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Bradley Garrett Climbs The London Shard



Bradley Garrett Climbs The London Shard

The Shard, the nearly-complete, 310-meter (1,016 ft) tall skyscraper in London, was recently christened the tallest building in the European Union. Bradley Garrett, an American with a PhD in Urban Exploration, claims that he’s climbed it.

Garrett, whose blog and PhD thesis are both entitled “Place Hacking,” uses the term “urban exploration” quite liberally. News sources have by and large preferred the word “trespassing.”

Perhaps rightfully so: the good doctor Garrett and his compatriots have allegedly climbed around The Shard half a dozen times. We don’t condone breaking and entering, but the views from the apex look pretty tough to top.

You can read Garrett’s account and see him “Climbing a Shard of Glass” on his blog.

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