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45 Seconds Away From A Road Trip



The problem with mobile homes and RVs is that they’re… well… rather large. But what if you could have the spaciousness of a 25-foot RV crammed into the body of a standard-sized Volkswagen Transporter?

Welsh company DoubleBack asked that same question, and came up with an answer in the form of the DoubleBack conversion.

It’s essentially a VW Transporter fitted with an extendable pod that effectively doubles the size of the vehicle’s interior once the pod slides out completely, a process that takes roughly 45 seconds. For just shy of $90,000 (actually £55,000, as these are sold overseas), you get a fully converted Transporter with a working kitchen, pop-up roof, two captain’s chairs and a double bed. The extended pod is supported by a pair of drop-down legs that automatically adjust to keep the vehicle stable.

It’s a hefty investment, but road trippers who want the best of both worlds can now have it… for a price.

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