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Survivalism: Fall Hiking Wish List



The adventurist in us cherishes fall as that time of year when camping conditions are so perfect one would be insane to pass up a long weekend reconnecting with Mother Nature.   So, before you strap on your boots head out this season we’d like to leave you with a list of a few essentials from our survivalism wish list.

  • 1. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter

    Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter
    No matter how much time you intend to spend camping one constant remains: you must drink clean water to survive. The only thing worse than an absence of it in the wilderness is drinking parasite contaminated water, which of course only accelerates your rate of dehydration. This filter makes our list because it’s not only lightweight but able to pump out a whopping whole liter of contaminant free water per minute, which when caught in a survival situation may mean the difference between life and death.

    Retail: $350

  • 2. WASP Injector Knife

    WASP Injector Knife
    Now that you’ve got your drinking water sorted out you may want to think about eating, or even protecting yourself if you find that you’re the hunted and not the hunter. From either viewpoint though you can find no better hunting knife to keep at your side than the WASP Injector knife.

    What sets the WASP apart from your typical hunting knife you may ask? Answer: a ball of gas the size of a basketball released from the knife and injected into the target at 800psi in the blink of an eye, instantly stunning any land mammal you might find yourself face to face with.

    Coming in several sizes and models, this knife sits alone atop the Throne of Badassery and is sure to keep you safe in the wild under any and all circumstances (except for the honey badger, there’s no telling what might happen there).

    Retail: $499.95

  • 3. Bushnell Back Track D-Tour

    Bushnell Back Track D-Tour

    Though some of you out there may undoubtedly be able to track and navigate with only the stars to guide you, Mother Nature is less impressed than me and loves sending cloud-filled rainy skies for what can seem like weeks at a time, and for that you must arm yourself. With the Bushnell D-Tour GPS the only way to lose yourself in the great outdoors is ineptitude. The handheld GPS is nothing new to the field of camping anymore, so it takes a lot for something to stand out, but the sheer simplicity with which this device allows you to track your wanderings is astounding. Because when found in a survival situation time is a precious commodity, and with this unit you’ll certainly be able to maximize yours more efficiently.

    Retail: $99

  • 4. Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy Sack

    Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy Sack
    At some point on every trip comes the time to lay down and rest your eyes, and what better way to do that in than the Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy Sack? A hybrid somewhere between a sleeping bag and a tent, it is both breathable and waterproof, with a two-pole suspension system for enhanced ventilation. If you’re going to be roughing it out on the ground it is certainly not going to be the Bivy Sack, because in no way can a night of sleep in something as advanced as this ever be considered ‘roughing it.’

    Retail: $319

  • 5. Type 2 Hawk Axe

    Type 2 Hawk Axe
    Now as truly awesome as the WASP Injector Hunting Knife is, aside from hunting and protection it is rather limited in scope. Thus cometh the most awesome axe you could hope to have with you out in the wilderness: The American Kami Type 2 Hawk. Unlike the knife, the axe functions as a multi purpose tool such as a hammer, a blade, a lever, or whatever use you might find for it in a moment of need. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with carrying something as tough as this

    Retail: $500

  • 6. Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

    Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit
    Lastly, it can always pay off to bundle items together whether you’re in a survival situation or just out for a weekend camping trip. Maximizing utility, efficiency, and sheer awesomeness the folks at Gerber packed together the handy Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit, which comes complete with all the sundries to get you through any survival situation. And its only weighs 4.2oz, so if all goes according to plan you’ll never even notice its there!

    Retail: $52

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