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When Mountain Lions Attack



Leander Boy Attacked By Mountain Lion :

Don’t mess with a Texas dad, especially if you’re a mountain lion with a taste for young boy.

“It sneaked up on me,” says 6 year-old Rivers Hobbs of the mountain lion that pounced on him and tried to drag him into the brush at Big Bend National Park earlier this month.

The boys father, Jason Hobbs wasn’t having it. “The cat was clamped onto his face,” he tells FOX. “I reached down and got my pocket knife out and stabbed the cat in the chest and it let go.”

Rivers has the scars to prove what he endured: a couple gashes to the sitde of his face, one of which required 17 stitches.

But this kid is a tough one. When asked if the attack hurt, Rivers said: “No, not that bad.”

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