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Climbing 10,355 feet of the Moose’s Tooth



The Moose’s Tooth is 10,355 feet of steep deep snow, cornices and danger – a mountain Mark and Janelle Smiley plan on climbing.

Located in Denali National Park, 15 miles southeast of Mount McKinley, the mountain isn’t the tallest in the range, but it’s one of the more difficult and storied climbs in the region. ”There’s a lot of other alpine routes out there that have a lot less objective risk, and just as much reward,” says Mark Smiley. “I think it’s those type of challenges that make that type of route stick with you.”

“Moose’s Tooth, Alaska” is episode 2 of “Committed,” a series being put together by Smiley and his wife. During the series, the two will climb the routes described in Steve Roper and Alan Steck’s legendary 1979 book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. No one has every climbed all fifty.

Previously, the couple climbed the Diamond on Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Two down, forty-eight to go.

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