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See Everest In Real Time



What’s going on right this minute at the top of the earth? Don’t guess. Check for yourself. A team of European mountaineers have established the world’s highest streaming webcam on the slopes of Kala Patthar, a nearby Nepalese mountain with a clear view of Everest’s iconic 29,000-foot peak. The solar-powered camera — designed to withstand temperatures in the negative 20s — is installed at 18,618 feet, more than a kilometer higher than the previous record set in the Andes. The M12-type camera, manufactured by German electronics company Mobotix, beams data to a nearby research station and updates images at this website every five minutes. But technology can only bring Everest so far down to earth. From 6pm to 6am Nepal time the webcam shuts down and the screen goes black. To see this mega mountain in the moonlight, you’ll have to go there yourself.

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