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Seven Rock Climbing Knots Every Guy Should Know



Rock climbing required full-body fitness and incredible skills, but it also takes knowledge of knots. These seven knots not only keep you safe on the rock face, they come in handy in everyday situations, so much so that every guy (and gal) should know them.

1. Figure Eight Knot on a Bight: This version of the figure eight is tied in the middle of the rope, with a follow-through (see below). Easy and quick to tie, it’s a strong knot for securing an object.

2. Figure Eight Knot with Follow Through: This bombproof knot attaches the harness to the rope. Start with a figure eight, then weave the end through the knot again.

3. Clove Hitch: This common and familiar knot is easy to tie and adjust, and has a lot of uses. Make sure the loops lie correctly, or you’ll just have a coil of rope.

4. Bowline Knot: This less common knot is also used to secure the harness to the rope. It’s a bit trickier to learn, but once you know it, it’s indispensable. You can even tie it with one hand.

5. Water Knot: This is the knot you want for joining flat pieces of material, but it can also be used to keep ropes together.

6. Prusik Knot: The classic ascending knot can be used for self-rescue, but is also handy for attaching an object to a rope. It’s secure, yet easily adjustable.

7. Double Fisherman’s Knot: This is an incredibly sure way of joining two ropes end to end. It’s not the fastest knot to tie, but it won’t fail you.

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