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Speed Climbing Mount Everest



It usually takes a week or more to reach the top of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, and most reach the top with the help of a oxygen tank. Chad Kellogg aims to do it in less than 30 hours and without supplemental oxygen.

Welcome to the world of speed climbing. Chad Kellogg is one of the top players in the American game, having set speed records on Mount Rainier and Mount McKinley. He tried Everest before in 2010, but the weather forced him to turn around 2,000 feet below the 29,029-foot summit.

This year, he’s already experiencing his share of trouble along the way to the top. As seen in episode 2 of HighSpeed Everest, a constant rain of tumbling rocks has forced Kellog to rethink his route. It doesn’t help that he’s using equipment that he’s not totally familiar with. Earlier in the trip, his bag full of climbing gear was stolen.

Despite the difficulties, Kellogg is intent on reaching the top and making it down safely (the return trip is often the most dangerous). Now it’s just a waiting game until the weather clears up enough to give him his chance. We’ll be waiting and watching behind the screens.

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