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Starting Adventurers Young



“Wow, what a beautiful day for a climb! The air is fresh, the sun is strong, and I’ve got a 2-year-old child on my back…sans helmet and harness.”

Is this what 26-year-old Wales native Menna Pritchard was thinking when she made her way up a rockface with her young daughter dangling out of a back papoose? We may never know.

What we do know is that this photo elicited some serious criticism from Internet folk once Menna posted it to her Facebook page. We also know how she responded to that criticism.

The daring mom retorted in an interview with the UK Daily Mail: “Some people would say that I’m taking more risks than necessary, but I am very conscious of safety and I would never do anything with Ffion that I thought would put her in danger.”  Like making her rock climb without a harness or helmet, you mean? Dangerous like that?

So, now, we ask you fellow adrenalists: Is Menna insane or the coolest, most extreme mom on the face of the planet? Second, and probably most importantly, do you think 2-year-old Ffion can even say “belay on”?

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