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Daring Urban Exploring Of The Chrysler Building At 1,000 Feet



Before the Empire State Building was constructed, the Chrysler Building, located at 405 Lexington Avenue at E. 42nd Street in New York City, was the world’s tallest building. At 1,046 feet, it not only was the tallest building, but lorded over the Eiffel Tower as the world’s tallest man-made structure and first structure to ever reach 1,000 ft. To this day, it’s still the largest brick building in the world(though there’s a steel skeleton).

If you’ve ever spent time in Manhattan, it’s impossible to miss the Chrysler Building’s presence in Midtown. The crowned top, spire and legendary corner eagles rise above most all of the city skyline.

Moses Gates, the author of Hidden Cities, decided to go out on one of the eagles during a recent Opie Radio segment on urban exploring. The wind is crackling in the video, and the film crew isn’t so sure about getting very close, but Moses climbs aboard the proud-looking eagle without flinching in true Adrenalist fashion.

Moses Gates has made a living out of these types of adventures. His urban exploring book covers his journeys to off-limits areas in cities across the globe, whether its dangerous train tunnels in Manhattan, sewers underneath Rome or parties in the Parisian catacombs. The Chrysler Building’s observation deck overlooking the eagles isn’t open to the general public either (it closed in 1945), so you’re not likely to see much contemporary eagle surfing in the near future.

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