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Humans are aerobic animals; we need oxygen to survive.

Oxygen is essential in numerous biological processes, but most importantly: cellular respiration — the process by which the cells in our bodies turn food into energy and release carbon dioxide.

Without food or water, we die in a matter of days. Without oxygen, we die in minutes.

Under those circumstances, freediver Guillaume Néry will live longer than the rest of us.

He can stay underwater for 7 minutes, 42 seconds and dive deeper than 100 meters on a single breath. Maybe you’ve seen him do something like that in his famous viral video filmed at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

In reality, deep diving isn’t so glamorous. The makers of the Blue Hole “base jump” employed a few editing tricks to dramatize the dive.

Check out the 5-minute mark of the featured video above to see what things are really like when a diver goes 100 meters down and can barely get back up. It’s not pretty.

Still, for Guillaume Néry, it’s worth it.

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