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Dolphins join in on stand-up paddleboard adventure



Even adventures that have undergone the utmost preparation can be taken by surprise by unforgettable moments – a school of dolphins dropping in on a stand-up paddleboard excursion is just one of those instances.

During a routine stand-up paddleboard outing, a group of adventurers managed to come across an entire school of dolphins. Luckily, a GoPro camera was strapped to the bottom of one of the SUPer’s boards, catching the playful action of the dolphins trailing behind the them. The dolphins were more than happy to hang out and weave through the water with the stand-up paddleboarders. In addition to being a great exercise, SUP is a great way to get close to nature. Just as the adventurer rows out on his board into a dolphin shoal visible through the water, the dolphins join in on the fun.

Similar experiences with dolphins are possible off the coasts of Florida, Hawaii, Mexico or the lush, tropical islands of the Caribbean.

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