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Double-Amputee Summits Kilimanjaro



If you needed some inspiration to get out there and go accomplish something, you’ve clicked on the right story.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a feat on its own to all Adrenalists. With the peak elevation of 19,300 feet, it’s Africa’s tallest mountain. These intimidating facts didn’t stop Spencer West from reaching the top and he doesn’t even have legs. The 31-year old American used his hands to take approximately 20,000 “steps,” which consisted of him muscling his torso forward using only his hands for a total of eight days.

This wasn’t the first time West overcame what many believed to be impossible. West was born with sacral agenesis, a genetic disorder leaving his legs permanently crossed and his spine undeveloped. At five, West had to have a second surgery, which left him no choice but to have his legs amputated from his pelvis down. West proved the doctors wrong, as they had warned him how this amputation would harm society’s image of him.

This climb was not only for himself, but also for the Kenyans. West first realized he wasn’t happy with his life when he went to Kenya for his first time with the charity, Feed the Children. After returning a second time, West thought of a way to raise money for the Kenyans. So he dedicated one year to training alongside his two best friends in order to climb Kilimanjaro to raise over $500,000 to provide clean, drinkable water to Kenya.

West’s story is  unbelievably remarkable. To get a glimpse of everything he went through, we suggest you check out the video above.

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