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Dream Gifts For Adventurers



Adventures are everywhere. You can find one in your backyard or on the streets or mountains of your hometown. When it comes to providing the Adrenalists in your life with experiences that will last them a lifetime, however, think beyond the everyday. There’s a better way to get, and give, a rush. This holiday season, give the gift of exploration. Here are the dream gifts every adventurer wants.

Trip To Space With Virgin Galactic – $200,000

We are truly living in the future. This year, if you can afford it, you can gift a trip to outer space. Or near space, at least. Starting in 2013, Virgin Galactic will send humans 62 miles high, where passengers will unbuckle and do flips above the crystal-blue curvature of the earth. Imagine bringing home pictures of that. Already, more than 500 passengers have plunked down $20,000 to reserve a seat on Wary space travelers are welcome, too. You can purchase space travelers insurance starting at just $700. The future of gifts is here.

Antarctic Backcountry Ski Trip – $8,990-$15,690

Want to give the gift of travel with a price and destination that’s a little closer to earth? Give the gift of snow – the most remote snow on the planet. Antarctica offers an exceptionally unique skiing experience, with perilous crevasses, virgin peaks and oceans alive with splashing whales and darting penguins. Only a few outfitters offer this excursion, and most do so only once a year when conditionals are (hopefully) ideal. Ice Axe Expedition is one outfitter that makes the trip, which starts in Ushuaia, Argentina. From there, it’s a 13-day adventure cruise through some of the most dramatic snow- and ice-covered terrain in existence. Book for 2013 today.

Cave Dive The Yucatan – $1,500

OK, now we’re getting in the price range of feasibility. If you’re a semi-serious dive freak, then you know about the warm-water wonderland that is the Caribbean. You’ve heard about the blue holes in Belize and the Bahamas, the wrecks in the British Virgin Islands and the reefs of Bonaire. Those are all amazing diving destinations, but the most death-defying, otherworldly, adventurous dive in the region is a cave dive. A Mexican cave dive, to be exact. Under the Yucatan Peninsula twists a system of underwater passageways, carved over eons into limestone, many just wide enough for a human to squeeze through. You can, for the low price of only $1,500 for a basic course at

One-Person Remote Helicopter – $375,000

Sending your loved ones to far out destinations isn’t the only way to gift-wrap adventure. You can also give an adventure machine. Perhaps no gadget better fits that bill than the Hirobo HX-1. Unveiled at a Japanese tech expo in 2012, the one-man HX-1 hasn’t yet flown (flight tests are planned for 2013). It is, however, designed to speed 60 mph for 30 minutes on just a single, environmentally responsible battery charge. Also, it looks like a sky jet ski. The coolest part about the HX-1 is that it can be operated by a pilot or flown remote, by you to someone who can use a ride. Hirobo says the manned version of the HX-1 will be available before 2021. The best adventures come to those who wait.

I-TEC Maverick – $94,000 and up

If you’re like us, however, you don’t want to wait. You want to open your presents now. Fine then, tear the wrapping paper off one of these puppies: the world’s only street- and air-legal, gas-powered, parachute dune buggy. The Maverick was designed with humanitarian assistance in mind – to deliver medical aid and MREs to inaccessible communities in the middle of nowhere. The Maverick, however, works anywhere. Actually, it does better than just work; it flies, accelerating 0 to 60 on pavement in just 3.9 seconds. It even takes off for 3 hours of air time from just 300 feet of runway. This is what the future of transportation looks like. Or maybe it’s just the future of joyriding. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

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