The Adrenalist

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Ethan Pringle and Mountain Hardwear team make first ascent



The Journey: Three Whole Days captures the suffering and triumph of Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle and Angie Payne as they score a coveted, but dangerous, first ascent in southeast Greenland.

Libecki, Pringle and Payne embarked on a terrifying climb that found them dodging tumbling boulders of granite and trying to sleep on three-foot-wide slivers of stone. When they finally make it to the top, it has been 50 hours since they last caught a wink of sleep. The beautiful Mountain Hardwear video captures the serenity of the untouched earth while articulating just how dangerous a first ascent can actually be.

“I don’t want to die today,” Pringle, 26, tells Libecki when they began their descent down a treacherous “dragon back” ridge. Libecki, a 20-year climbing veteran and former National Geographic Explorer of the year nominee, hasn’t previously visited that spot, but he’s been there before. “There’s no dying,” he replies.

The only thing in the cards for these Adrenalists is adventure.

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