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Extreme White Water Rafting Team Hits Grade 5 Rapids in Norway



Grade 5 rapids are just one step above impossible on the white water rafting difficulty scale, but that didn’t stop these Adrenalists from jumping into a catamaran and diving in paddles first.

The title of this extreme white water video translates roughly to “dropping,” and for good reason. Throughout nearly three minutes of footage, members of the MITHT Touring Club drop into near-unnavigable rapids. Watch as their catamaran is tossed around through the turbulent rivers of Norway. Groups of four take turns bouncing off boulders, capsizing their vessel and thrashing violently, only to stitch up their raft and dive back in.

Only an Adrenalist can take pleasure in being tossed around by Mother Nature like a rag doll and jump back in for rounds two, three and four. Just check out some extreme waterfall kayak videos and see for yourself.

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