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Find Your Everest With Jordan Romero



He was the youngest to climb Mt. Everest. He’s known as the boy who conquered the Seven Summits, each of the tallest mountains on earth’s seven continents. Now, Jordan Romero has his sights set on his next goal, an American tale to the top of the tallest mountain in every US state.

A week into the campaign called “Find Your Everest,” Romero has already topped the tallest mountains in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Though the northeast Appalachians feature modest terrain worn down by millions of years of erosion, this first leg of the journey hasn’t come without its share of perils. Romero, 15, and his father Paul, who has accompanied Jordan on each of his historic climbs, faced down severe weather conditions while climbing Maine’s 5,268-foot Mount Katahdin last Tuesday and then Vermont’s 4,395-foot Mount Mansfield on Wednesday.

“Both the Maine and Vermont climbs were like climbing waterfalls all day long,” Jordan’s father tells the Conway Daily Sun. “We battled torrents of biblical proportions both days, making our way up flooded trails and bordering on hypothermia.”

The pair will likely face more bad weather over the coming months as they climb peaks as small as Florida’s Britton Hill (345 feet) and as tall as Alaska’s Denali (20,320 feet), which Jordan already summited in 2008, when he was just 11 years old.

Jordan hasn’t published a schedule for the coming climbs, but he says “Find Your Everest” will end in two years atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea (13,796 feet). If his history of reaching the top is any clue, we’re sure he’ll come through as promised.

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