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The Trout That Got Away



Fishermen can be very territorial. Sink your waders in a favorite fishing hole, and prepare to be berated or chased onto dry land.

Osprey are much the same way. Reel in a fish at a raptor’s local lake, and you may have your slippery prize skewered by tallons and stolen away.

That’s what happens here to a kayak flyfisherman reeling in a rainbow trout at a small Oregon lake. Just as he’s about to land the fish, the osprey swoops, grasps and flies off to the horizon. But the bird doesn’t land the catch. At the end of the line the Osprey drops the fish. That’s when the angler drops his cam and begins reeling it in. But he doesn’t keep the catch either.

As he says in the YouTube notes, after he landed the rainbow, he released it back to the waters to be caught again.

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