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Flatland Pro Matti Hemmings Lights Up Glow-in-the-Dark BMX Session



It’s a flatland blacklight party in an abandoned warehouse, and Matti Hemmings is running the show.

Matti Hemmings is a pro flatland BMXer who is the current world record holder for most cliffhanger spins with one foot on the handlebars. No world records here, just an awesome video filmed with a technique that does a great job conveying the essence of flatland BMX: balance, precision, and rubber and metal.

With Matti blacked out, and the bike sprayed in UV paint, the pedal-powered single-track vehicle stands out boldly under the blacklit cannons. Check out more of Matti Hemmings at his website, and be sure to check out video of that world record we were talking about. It’s a dizzy one.

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