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Free climbing Utah’s iconic Finger of Fate



When you’re free climbing, it’s just you, a rope and the mountain. In the case of these Adrenalists, however, it was just them and the iconic Finger of Fate in Moab, Utah.

In March, Will Stanhope, Coleman Blakeslee, Jesse Huey and Paul McSorley clawed their way up the Finger of Fate in Moab, Utah, documenting their ascent in wind-swept, semi-amateur grandeur. This is what climbing a 900-foot tower of hardened earth looks like. There’s no special effects, no major sponsors and no safety nets. This is free solo climbing, meaning there is only rope and rock, no pitons, cams, or bolts. Check out our essential rock climbing terms feature to get a feel for this form of climbing.

Stanhope led the expedition up the Finger of Fate, climbing the tower free. The other climbers claimed that, “he is a psycho and needs to be checked into an insane asylum,” seen at about the six-minute mark of the short film above. The group of Adrenalists made it all the way to the top before dropping back down into freezing, gale-force winds around the dusty Fisher Towers.

Learn more about the route (one of America’s classic climbs) at the Mountain Project.

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