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Frisbee Tricks With Brodie Smith 21



It’s unfortunate that the only sport played on ice is hockey. The slippery surface kind of adds a special element to the game; a layer of complexity that only makes a skillful player that much more intense. These guys clearly agree with this idea, because they decided to make a frisbee trick shot video in a hockey rink, and it is beyond awesome.

The unparalleled accuracy and skill almost goes unnoticed due to the playful atmosphere, but it’s hard not to have your jaw hit the floor when seemingly impossible stunts are completed with, what appears to be, little to no effort. In reality, these expert frisbee throwers are at the top of their game. Each trick has been meticulously calculated and gauged, and each throw is dead on. Here’s hoping we see more out of these guys and their frisbee escapades real soon.

Extra points for including a zamboni in the proceedings. Everything is better with a zamboni.

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