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Google World Wonders Brings Adventure Home



Google World Wonders will get you closer to some of planet Earth’s most breathtaking marvels than you will ever get on your own two feet.

We mean it. Nowadays, Adrenalists can’t walk through the stones at Stonehenge, but Google World Wonders will take you there. English Heritage, the organization that oversees the 5,000 year old monument, allowed Google to drive a camera-mounted trike under its ancient archways.

Stonehenge is just one of 132 cultural sites across 18 countries that you can explore from the comfort of your home using Google World Wonders, an extension of Google’s Street View project. Also available for browsing in 360-degrees are Pompeii, Scott’s Hut in Antarctica and Shark Bay in Australia, among other far-flung destinations.

Of course, cyber-adventuring will never be as good as the real thing. At least not until you can smell the sulfur from your desk chair while browsing Yellowstone’s geothermal vents.

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