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High School Soccer Flip Serve



It has always seemed up for debate as to whether those fancy, flip throw-ins in soccer actually accomplish anything. Well, here’s evidence that they do.

After flipping, including a bounce off the ball, a high school player manages to use the extra momentum from his movement to hurl the ball into the goal box, where his teammate heads it in. Now I’m wondering why everyone doesn’t throw it in this way.

With the help of this stylish point, Wando High School manages to defeat Irmo High School, the #1 ranked high school soccer team in the country. This wasn’t the final point, but it definitely helped Wando’s cause. While Irmo is the top in the country right now, Wando has plenty of championships under its belt, so this isn’t exactly an underdog story. Nevertheless, we like to see some against-the-odds action, and the Adrenalists over at Wando High School manage to deliver.

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