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How To Survive An Anaconda Attack



Coming into contact with an anaconda is every rainforest explorer’s worst nightmare come true. Known for constriction capabilities that suck the breath out of living prey within minutes or less, preparedness is one’s only hope of escaping the clutches of this fearsome jungle predator. Now you can learn how to avoid, evade and fight the mighty anaconda off with our trusty anaconda attack survival guide.

Set Up A Safe Camp

The most important tip for surviving an anaconda attack is avoiding one all together. If you’re camping out, that means setting up your tent far away from the murky shores of river water – an anacondas’ natural habitat. A good rule of thumb is: the dryer the area surrounding your campsite, the safer you are. Don’t be heartened by a river scan that doesn’t yield any sightings, as these camouflage masters are very difficult to spot.

Evade Them

If you’re unfortunate enough to spot an anaconda in your space or, worse, see one coming towards you, the best thing to do is move away. While merciless in their feeding routine, these predators are not known to be speedy slitherers - walking at a pace faster than a mile or two an hour is enough to evade capture.

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Fight Back At All Costs

If you’re awake when you spot an anaconda, chances are you’ll run away as fast as you can and any concern about being eaten will be obliterated. If you’re asleep, however, the plot thickens and so may the beastly reptile’s body if it exacts its grasp and begins to swallow you whole. These snakes don’t have venomous teeth, but once they stretch their jaws around your head, your waking seconds are numbered. In this case, avoidance is no longer a viable option. Your last hope is battle.

To fight off an anaconda, you can start with a surprising move: a bite to its tail. The tip of its tail, as opposed to the middle of the body, is most sensitive. This can cause tremendous pain for the anaconda that just might make it let go. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to turn to blunt force. No predator wants to struggle for a meal, so make this snake work for it by battering it with any blunt objects you can find. A nearby rock could be just the solution. If the snake seizes its grip around you, DO NOT exhale. This will cause the snake to squeeze tighter, and the most common way these exotic beasts kill is by crushing their victims lungs or internal organs.

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