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Jetman Yves Rossy Flies With Passenger Plane



Good afternoon, this is your captain speaking. We are now flying over Switzerland at an altitude of about 4,500 feet. Passengers to the left of the plane should have a great view of the Alps and beautiful Lake Lucerne. Passengers to the right should see a Jetman flying several meters behind the spinning propeller.

Just a normal day in the life of Yves “Jetman” Rossy, who has been piloting his rocket-powered jetwing across the skies since 2006. Did you really think he was done after we showed you Yves Rossy jetpacking over Rio de Janeiro?

Not all of his flights have been as successful as the Rio flight or the flight seen above, a seven-minute one which took place in late June. In November 2009, Rossy had to ditch his kerosene-fuled jetpack in the ocean while attempting to cross the Strait of Gibralter. Strong winds and bad weather were blamed for the incident, which he escaped without injury.

It’s anyone’s guess what Rossy will attempt to do in the skies next.

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