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Jonathan Trappe’s Trans-Atlantic Balloon Flight



Jonathan Trappe, the American adventurer who crossed the Alps (above) and the English channel carried by a cluster of helium balloons wants you to invest in his next wild ballooning adventure: crossing the Atlantic ocean. He might just be qualified — check out his latest test run in Mexico.

Trappe and his team hope to raise $300,000, and then the Federal Aviation Administration-certified pilot will take off in a boat attached to balloons on the 2,500 to 3,500 mile journey across the Atlantic.

The flight will start in Maine and end in the most romantic place to be alone in a dark turnip field: France.

You can help make Trappe’s flight a reality today by contributing funds at the adventure’s homepage. Also, Trappe needs a rural spot from which to take off.

“In addition to the helium, I need a launch site in Presque Isle or Caribou, Maine:  A grassy field where I can stage the helium,” he writes.

Do you have an awesome farm in Maine? If so, holler. You could be the host of one of the most epic events in adventure sports history.

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