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Kayaking 1,000 Miles In 25 Days



Last spring, a pair of brave Brits kayaked around the Emerald Isle in just 25 days, smashing the previous record of 33 days set 2 decades earlier.

Those Brits, Jeff Allen and Harry Whelan, carried a GoPro and a Sanyo handheld camera during their journey, and today the 1,000 mile story has been told.

Into the Wind captures Allen and Whelan as they embark from Ardmore, West Waterford and paddle clockwise around the island through the rough waters of the Celtic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

During the final 3 days of their trip they didn’t sleep, compensating for time lost during rough weather encountered along the island’s western coast, where storms travel thousands of miles across open ocean to smash into Ireland’s sheer cliffs.

Check out the trailer above for a glimpse of the documentary, which can be purchased online at the Romany Productions website.

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