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Surviving Noccalula Falls



Noccalula Falls Full Edit w/ POV from Isaac Levinson on Vimeo.

A waterfall like Noccalula doesn’t scream “ride me!” If this roiling Alabama tide could talk, it would probably whisper “death.”

Until recently, nobody ever bothered putting their ear to the waters. Noccalula was too imposing, its violent waters dropping 90-feet into a mysterious, bubbling pit. But in November, the conditions were just right for a first descent. Storms dumped rain upstream and the pool at the base of the falls was deep enough for a plunge. Noccalula was, for the first time in a long time, theoretically survivable.

Theory proved fact as kayaker Pat Keller took on the fall for the first time in recorded history and splashed down unscathed. His two pals Isaac Levinson and Chris Gragtmans soon followed, etching their names into the history books and stamping their success into the video above. For several moments, at least, this gurgling beast has gone silent.

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