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Lava Kayaking Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano



Kayaking is an adventure sport we often associate with cool waters, raving rapids and waterfalls. Some have even taken to using the basic kayak as a way to Big Game fish, which may or may not end in a shark following your kayak. These Adrenalists, however, dared to try something we’ve never seen before: lava kayaking.

Kayakers Pedro Oliva, Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic, recently featured in our waterfalls dives list, ventured into harsh lava-infused waters on the skirts of the Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. Kilauea, an active and volatile volcano on the Southeast slope of Mauna Loa Hawaii, was the stage for their adventure, which was featured on the Brazilian television program, Kaiak. The Kilauea volcano has been active since 1983, and over the last ten years, it’s formed about a square mile of newly created earth from calcified volcanic emissions. Though the group ventured into the steaming waters of 1,300-2000 degrees Fahrenheit without abandon, this is not something we advise amateurs to try. Pedro Oliva’s oar actually caught on fire during the adventure.

The group shattered all previous beliefs about what kayak can withstand, and proved to us that lava kayaking deserves a spot on our list of extreme volcano sports.

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