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Learn To Wrestle An Alligator



Florida is rife with alligators; there is nothing surprising about that fact. There is something startling, however, about groups of people paying to wrestle with some of the deadliest predators on the planet. At Gator Adventure’s Alligator Academy, anyone looking to take on one of the scaly beasts can reserve a spot to experience the exact same gator wrestling course given to pro gator wrestlers, trainers and zookeepers. While it’s maddening to think any interested Adrenalist could procure this unprecedented level of access, he who dares enroll in the course will certainly be getting his money’s worth in terms of technical instruction, heart beats per minute and an adrenaline rush unlike any other.

At the outset of this video, you might think the program looks a little amateur, what with the beasts’ mouths being taped shut and all. If you feel as such, we implore you to pay close attention at 2:19 mark.

That gator isn’t kidding around.

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