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Lonnie Dupre’s Arctic Exploration



Lonnie Dupre has been toting cameras across earth’s extreme frozen regions for almost as long as cameras have been tote-able by a single man. Check out the grainy footage and the pixelated time stamp in the bottom right corner as he traverses Greenland by dogsled.

Over the past 25 years, Dupre has also trekked to the North Pole, the Russian Far East, Canada’s Northwest Passage and Northern Scandinavia, all using traditional means of transportation, such as kayak, snowshoe and the Inuit dogsled seen in the video above.

All told, he has logged over 14,000 miles through the earth’s polar regions. Miraculously, he hasn’t lost any of his fingers to frostbite in the process.

Check out a list of his accomplishments and misadventures at Attempt to recreate them yourself, if you dare.

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