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Maximo Kausch aims to climb all 6000ers in Andes Mountain Range



When Maximo Kausch climbed his first 6,000-meter peak in the Andes mountain range, he decided that he would climb every single one of them.

Fifty-eight 6,000ers later, Kausch is still climbing, and he will likely be climbing for at least one more year. Despite his first assumption, there are 118 6,000ers in the Andes mountain range, or so he thinks. Nobody knows for certain, with many mountains in the region measured incorrectly or mislabeled.

“I think curiosity was my main incentive to climb all these peaks,” Kausch tells Explorers Web. Halfway through his list, Kausch has likely achieved a world record for most 6,000ers climbed in the Andes. This time next year, he will have climbed them all, but even that might not be enough to quench Kausch’s thirst for adventure.

“One sure thing I’ve learned during this trip is that the more mountains I climb, the more I realize I’ve climbed nothing. The higher I get, the further I can see on the horizon where many more mountain ranges show up.” Those ranges might be the Himalaya, the Hindu Kush, or other great ranges of central Asia, where about 65 6,000ers shoot into the skies.

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