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Rafa Ortiz And Kayak Crew Conquer Treacherous Rio Santo Domingo



Rafa Ortiz and his crew of kayaking Adrenalists always plan to make every trip an adventure, as seen in the video above. Their latest, history-making excursion to Mexico’s Rio Santo Domingo was no different.

In March, a group of accomplished kayakers led by Rafa Ortiz made history by becoming the first people to ever navigate, from top-to-bottom, a stretch of treacherous whitewater on Mexico’s Rio Santo Domingo. According to Red Bull, who financed the expedition and will release video early next year, the river offers, “the steepest navigable section of whitewater found anywhere on earth.” That section, which carves a path near the Guatemala border, tumbles over the rocks at an average slope of 1,900 feet per mile. According to GrindTV, it also features waterfalls measuring 80, 90, 60, 20 and 40 feet.

Evan Garcia, one of three kayakers to complete the section, articulated the danger found a the rapid succession of cataracts. “If you break your paddle or blow your deck, you have about five seconds to get your act together before you’re swept over the next 70 feet.”

Along with Evan and Rafa Ortiz, whitewater expert, Rush Sturges, also completed the section.

Check out an awesome set of descent photos, and sit tight for a full video production which should be available in February 2014. In the meantime, check out these extreme waterfall kayaking videos or the best GoPro kayaking videos.

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