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Truth or Dare: A Bike Ride Around the Globe



Don’t tell Vin Cox it’s impossible to ride a bicycle around the world. In 2010, he did it. It only took him 163 days. OK, he didn’t ride over the oceans, but his ride did satisfy the 4 main Guinness-sanctioned around-the-world rules: 1) The journey must be continuous in one direction (East to West or West to East). 2) The route must exceed 18,000 miles on bike. 3) The route must cross 2 antipodal points (opposite sides of the globe). 4) The rider must use the same bike through the entire journey (replacement parts are OK). Cox says his record time – achieved at an average rate of 111 miles/day – can be beaten by 2 weeks or more. In February 2012, he’s taking the challenge public. He’s billing the race as “The longest, toughest, most dramatic adventure competition ever.” So far, no participants have been announced. Who’s up for the challenge?

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