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Richard Bowles Runs the Length of New Zealand



On Monday, Aussie ultramarathoner Richard Bowles stomped a worn-down running shoe in Bluff, New Zealand, completing an epic 1,898 mile one-man race down the length of the islands.

“It’s absolutely stunning; every day is another bit of paradise,” Bowles told Grough in mid November, while he was about half-way through his trek. Bowles set off on the journey on Oct. 13 from Cape Reinga, the northernmost tip of the North Island, pacing himself at just under 29.2 miles per day. On day 65, he hit the end of the line, becoming the first person to ever run the length of Te Araroa, a world-class cross-country trail which opened just last year.

Already, fellow adventurers are hot on Bowles record. Right this minute 2010 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc winner Jez Bragg is flying down the Te Araroa. He aims to complete the trail in just 50 days, setting a blistering pace of 40 miles per day.

Check out an awesome info graphic of the trek at The North Face, and follow his progress at his official site.

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