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Behold the power of water and meet the men who ride its most violent rushing rapids.

Matt King, Scott Baker, Dane Jackson, Momo Castillo, Rush Sturges, Sam Grafton… these are just a few of the names who put in some of the most insane paddles over the past 365 days and submitted video to the 3rd annual Rider of the Year Awards. Last year’s Rider of the Year, Dane Jackson, could win it all again, thanks in part to kayak skills like those on display in his best trick entry on the Ottawa River in Canada. Don’t count out Pat Keller either. His massive drop at Noccalula Falls in Alabama was simply breathtaking (though he’ll lose a few points for emerging from the whitewater without his paddle).

All of the year’s biggest drops and most creative lines will be combined in video form and made public after a panel of 100+ of the best paddlers in the world submit their votes. Keep an eye on the Rider of the Year website and Facebook page to stay up to date on the results.

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