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Russian Mass Bridge Jump



If our Skywalking Over Russia feature has taught us anything, it’s that we should leave it to the Russians. Once again, they’ve figured out a way to make the already extreme sport of bungee jumping even crazier. In the latest mass rope jump attempt, 135 Russians  harnessed themselves together with bungee cords and launched off the side of a bridge at the same time.

The Daily Mail reports that the crew, gathered on a bridge above a river in the town of Tver, was attempting to establish the World Record for mass bridge jumping. No such record existed previously, which makes the pursuit of this high-octane stunt all the more risky. It would be crazy enough if all these people banded together to topple a very specific previous feat, but to do something like this on a whim, without any assurance that the World Record committee is even watching? That’s just… well, we guess it’s really not that surprising for a country that breeds some of the world’s most extreme Adrenalists. Remember the blood curdling bungee jump?

No word yet from the Guinness folks on whether the 135-person bungee band has snagged the recognition they sought.

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